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Special Library

About us

The library of the Institute of Metals and Technology was established in 1950 as the professional library of the Metallurgical Institute Ljubljana. In 1991 it became a special library within the Institute of Metals and Technology, aimed primarily at helping the parent organisation’s researchers to achieve their scientific and research goals and to create the conditions for research work. Its material and services are also available to external users, mostly experts or students in the field of metals and technology, material science and related branches. The library materials and knowledge is available to everyone in line with the public nature of the institution and the rules of inter-library loans and copyright protection. The library has an area of 60 m2, 6 reading spots and 1 computer for users with Internet access. We have been a full member of the  Cobiss system since 1995. We collect various types of library material:
  • monographs (dictionaries, manuals, research and project works, collections of scientific papers, diploma thesis, dissertations)
  • journals
  • standards (ISO, SIST ISO, SIST EN)
  • various databases
Library material covers following professional and scientific fields: metallurgy, materials, mechanical engineering, energetics, electrical engineering, chemistry, physics, vacuum technics, ecology


Opening hours (library loan service, information and reading room)



Telephone: +386 (01) 4701 800
Fax: +386 (01) 4701 939
E-mail: knjiznica@imt.si


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