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N2-0182 Development of advanced bioabsorbable Zn-based materials using powder-metallurgy techniques


The project is coordinated by the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague. The project team implementing the project includes researchers from the following institutions:

  • Institute of Metals and Technology (IMT)
  • University of Chemistry and Technology Prague (UCT)


Project coordinator: Jiří Kubásek

Project leader of Slovenia: 10842 – Matjaž Godec

Amount of effective hours of research work:

Duration of the project: 01.03.2021 – 29.02-2024

Price category: C

Composition of the research group:

Development of advanced bioabsorbable Zn-based materials using powder-metallurgy techniques (cobiss.net)

Composition of the research group

Efforts to use zinc-based orthopaedic and cardiovascular medical devices have intensified during the past decade. Such materials must possess an excellent combination of mechanical, corrosion and biological properties, which are closely related to the materials’ microstructures. Although various efforts have been made to improve the materials’ performance, conventional methods, including casting, extrusion, rolling or drawing, are normally considered.

The aim of the proposed project is the development of new, bioabsorbable zinc-based alloys containing highly biocompatible magnesium and antibacterial silver, using rarely favoured but newer and very personalized powder-metallurgy techniques, like mechanical alloying, spark plasma sintering, and selective laser sintering/melting.

Detailed observations of the microstructures will be correlated with a variety of material properties, including the generally overlooked creep, fatigue and wear, which bring new knowledge about these relationships and enable the development of advanced bioabsorbable zinc alloys with tailored mechanical, corrosion and biological properties. Those properties are also very important for better mimic of replaced or supportive medical applications in human body.

Processing routes of studies materials

Processing routes of studies materials


KUBÁSEK, Jiří, PINC, Jan, HOSOVÁ, Klára, STRAKOVÁ, Markéta, MOLNÁROVÁ, Orsolya, DUCHOŇ, Jan, NEČAS, David, ČAVOJSKÝ, Miroslav, GODEC, Matjaž, PAULIN, Irena, et al. The evolution of microstructure and mechanical properties of Zn-0.8Mg-0.2Sr alloy prepared by casting and extrusion. Journal of alloys and compounds. [Print ed.]. 2022, vol. 906, article 164308, str. 1-14. ISSN 0925-8388. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0925838822006995#!https://dirros.openscience.si/IzpisGradiva.php?id=15057, DOI: 10.1016/j.jallcom.2022.164308. [COBISS.SI-ID 104897795], [JCRSNIPWoS do 6. 2. 2023: št. citatov (TC): 5, čistih citatov (CI): 4, čistih citatov na avtorja (CIAu): 0,36, Scopus do 4. 5. 2023: št. citatov (TC): 6, čistih citatov (CI): 5, čistih citatov na avtorja (CIAu): 0,45]
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Conference contribution

GODEC, Matjaž, PAULIN, Irena, DONIK, Črtomir, KOCIJAN, Aleksandra, VOJTĚCH, Dalibor, KUBÁSEK, Jiří. Development of advanced bioabsorbable Zn-based materials using powder-metallurgy techniques. V: TMS 2023 : 152nd Annual Meeting & Exhibition : March 19-23, 2023, San Diego, California. [S. l.: s.n.], 2023. Str. [1]. https://www.tms.org/AnnualMeeting/TMS2023/Programming/TMS2023_Technical_Program/AnnualMeeting/TMS2023/Programming/TMS2023_Technical_Program.aspx?hkey=e6e2856e-5bc3-4e9b-ba51-03d2e7900b6b. [COBISS.SI-ID 150333443]
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