Laboratory of Metallography

Head of Laboratory:

dr. Matjaž Godec
tel.: 01/4701 963, 964, 965



In the Laboratory of Metallography, microstructures of metals and composites are examined for research purposes and for external users. In 2007 Laboratory of Metallography gained accreditation from Slovenian Accreditation. Annex to the acreditation certificate.


  • Micro- and macroscopic investigation of metals and alloys
  • qualitative and quantitative microstructural analyses
  • identification – definition and interpretation – of the micromorphology of fractures and surfaces
  • macro- and microstructural examinations using optical and scanning microscopes (FE-SEM)
  • study of solid phase transformations by dilatometry
  • measurements of microhardness in cooperation with LMP



  • Nikon Microphot FXA optical microscope with Hitachi HV-C20A 3CCD video camera and AnalySIS software for metallographic image analysis
  • Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FE-SEM) JEOL JSM-6500F with attached Energy Dispersive X-ray spectroscopy EDX (INCA ENERGY 400), Wave Dispersive X-ray spectroscopy WDX (INCA WAVE 700) and Electron Back Scattered Difraction EBSD (HKL Channel5)
  •  Precision Etching Coating System (PECS) for SEM, TEM and LM - Gatan 682, 
  •  Struers automatic precision cut-off machine Accutom 50
  •  Struers programmable mounting press ProntoPress-20
  •  Struers apparatus for automatic grinding/ polishing Abramin with MD system
                                                           Al - SiC composite, as polished      Gray iron with lamelar graphite, etched in Nital, polarised light   Copper, etched, Nomarski interference contrast    Austenite stainless steel, color etched

Field emission Scanning electron microscope - FE-SEM


Within Laboratory of Metallography operate also: 


Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FE-SEM)


Konfokalni svetlobni mikroskop


Center for revitalization (industrial facilities and equipment).


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