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For conducting public service, the employees are organized in research groups.

The institute will also conduct research work for third parties, in the form that is prescribed by the Yearly and General plan of work of the institute.

The main activities of the institute (according to classification “Uredba o standardni klasifikaciji dejavnosti (Uradni list RS, št. 69/07 in 17/08)” are:
  • 72.19 Research and development activities in the fields of Natural Sciences and Technology
  • 71.20 Technical experimentation and analysis
  • 62.0 Computer programming, consulting and other associated activities
  • 63 Other activites in the field of informatics
  • 85.42 Higher education
  • 85.59 Education and training not classified elsewhere
  • 91.01 Activities of libraries and archives
  • 58.14 Publication of journals and other periodic publications