Laboratory of Pressure Metrology

dr. Janez Šetina
+386 1 4701 976

The Laboratory of Pressure Metrology (LMT) at the Institute of Metals and Technology (IMT) was established in 1999. The laboratory plays a key role in the Slovenian National Metrology System, which is organized as a distributed system and co-ordinated by the Metrology Institute of the Republic of Slovenia. Within this system, the LMT is the top-level laboratory for the derived physical quantity of pressure. The laboratory provides international traceability of the highest-level reference standards for vacuum and pressure, and dissemination to lower hierarchical levels within the country. The range of the laboratory’s capabilities extends from vacuum at 10–5 Pa up to a high pressure of 200 MPa. The laboratory gained accreditation from Slovenian Accreditation in 2002.

The laboratory is also active in the field of scientific metrology of the physical quantity pressure. Research and development work is mainly focused in the development of horizontal traceability of a low-range piston gauge to Slovenian national standards of base quantities of the SI system, the extension of the pressure scale to lower pressures (vacuum) by static expansion and studies of the metrological characteristics of vacuum transfer standards.

International co-operation

NIST, Vacuum and Pressure Group, Process Technology Division, Gaithersburg, ZDA
IMGC, Force and related quantities department, Torino
PTB, Section Vacuum Metrology, Berlin
Slovak Institute of Metrology, Pressure Section, Bratislava
CMI, Department of primary pressure metrology, Brno


Measuring range Expanded uncertainty
Gauge Mode Pressure
Pressure Balance (Liquid Media)
5 MPa - 200 MPa 0,005 % + 100 Pa
Gauge Mode, Absolute Mode Pressure
Pressure Balance (Gaseous Media)
1,4 kPa - 7 MPa 0,003 % + 0,2 Pa
Gauge Mode, Absolute Mode Pressure
Quartz Bourdon Gauge
100 Pa - 110 kPa 0,006 % + 0,5 Pa
Absolute Mode Pressure
Capacitance Diaphragm Gauge
1 Pa - 1,4 kPa 0,4 % + 0,006 Pa
Absolute Mode Pressure
Spinning Rotor Gauge
10-5 Pa - 1 Pa 1,3 % + 2,4×10-6 Pa

(Detailed description of Accreditation


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